Making Your Green Coffee Bean Extract a Good Weight Loss Experience

Making Your Green Coffee Bean Extract a Good Weight Loss Experience

Getting a Good Weight Loss Experience

Yeah, I just ordered my green coffee bean extract supplement, and I am looking forward to getting a good weight loss experience!

It almost sounds magical saying it and feeling it. Buying green coffee bean extract and getting the golden key to a permanent weight loss.

However, often the disappointment is significant when we then receive our package in the mail. We just get an envelope with a couple of containers with the green coffee bean extract capsules.

These bottles for sure looked better on the website we bought them from, beautiful and shining with plenty of flowers and skinny bikini girls around them.

So what is going to happen next When you want to lose weight?

Yes, you must remember to take your green coffee bean capsules every day and not forget them one single time, it is essential!

But still, it is like something is missing, like a little appreciation for being a good customer. A bonus that will help you lose weight faster using green coffee bean extract. But no, only the containers.

I Understand You

I completely understand you, if you are disappointed, only to receive a couple of containers, without something extra that can put you right in weight loss heaven. You deserve a good weight loss experience!

So to make up for that, I am here going to give you a couple of tips that will make your weight loss diet more efficient while you are using a supplement like Green Coffee Plus or any other supplement.

More Capsules Does Not Mean Better Results

We all want to be put in weight loss heaven as fast as possible, meaning losing as much weight as possible. Therefore you might get tempted to double your dosage of green coffee bean capsules.

Don’t do it, because it will not make you lose weight faster. Worse case scenario will be a couple of days with bloating and constipation.

If you want to speed up your weight loss process, then pay attention to your diet instead.

Combine Your Green Coffee Bean Capsules With Green Tea

You can accelerate your weight loss diet even further by drinking green tea for breakfast and throughout the day. But do it before 6 p.m. due to the levels of extra caffeine you are getting.

Studies have shown that flavonoids and caffeine in green tea will help you to increase your metabolism, fat oxidation, and improve your insulin activity.

According to Healthy Women, one study has shown that consumers of green tea were able to lose an average of 2.9 pounds during a 12 week period. Another research has shown that green tea has been able to make you burn additional 100 calories in a 24 hour period.

Remember, that using green coffee bean extract for weight loss is not because of the caffeine, it is because of the chlorogenic acid we are getting that will promote a fat burn.

Get Your Capsules With a Big Glass Of Water

Many people overlook the importance of taking your capsules with a big glass of water. Often they swallow their pills without anything or with a sip of coffee in the morning, it is not recommended.

In fact, you need the water to ensure the ingredients will slide easily down into your body.  Not using water and they might get stuck on their way.

Another benefit of using water is that the water actually will help you to eat less. It has a mild appetite suppressing effect that will help you to lower your calorie intake.

Best to Take Around 30 Minutes before Your Main Meals

So to get the appetite suppressing benefits from water and also to make sure the chlorogenic acid works correctly on your digestion it is best to take your capsules around 30 minutes before your main meal.

There the chlorogenic acid will bind with your meals and promote the fat burn better than if you just take your capsules in the morning before work.

Green Coffee Bean Extract “Hollywoods Secret Diet”?

“Hollywood’s Secret Diet,” or the “Holy Grail of Weight Loss,” there are so many different names for what the weight loss industry calls magic solutions to your weight loss problem.

I am sorry to say, but a supplement like green coffee bean extract cannot make you lose weight all by itself. You must take a closer look at your diet and do something about your calories if you are getting too many.

No supplement on this planet can magically take away the extra calories we are consuming. They can only help your bodily functions to get rid of calories faster.

Focus On Making Your Diet Healthier Instead of Changing It

It leads us to the next issue, your diet. Often when we jump on a diet, we do it because it has worked for someone else. But we did not think about whether we can eat the food the diet recommend us to eat. Thinking about it, eating something you don’t like for the next couple of months? It is doomed to fail!

Instead, start out with what you like to eat but put effort into making it healthier and with fewer calories. Like switching from fried chicken to barbeque chicken fillets. Or oven baked potatoes instead of french fries.

Also, remember when you are having your big glass of water and dosage of Green Coffee Plus, you will be able to suppress your appetite, and that way maintain portion control.

Combining Green Coffee Bean Extract and Other Supplements

You can easily combine your green coffee bean extract with supplements like Garcinia Cambogia Plus, Ph.375 or Phen Q and get an even better weight loss experience. It is actually better to do that than increase your dosage of green coffee bean extract.

Adding another supplement will help you to target your weight loss differently and give you a couple more benefits, depending on the extra supplement.

Keep in mind, that it is not “must do” combining green coffee bean with other supplements to get the effects. Afterall it can become quite expensive getting all those extra supplements for no reason.

Do You Hate Exercising?

This post is not about lecturing you how crucial it is to exercise when you want to lose weight. If you hate exercising, staying in an overpacked gym not feeling comfortable at all, there are no reasons why should do it.

I will actually go that far to say, hate going to the gym can sabotage your whole diet because it will lower your motivation. So, instead find something to like doing, that will get your activity levels up. It can be such a simple thing as walking for a half an hour daily.

Getting a Good Weight Loss Experience

It is my hope that you will find some of these tips helpful and that they perhaps have eliminated some of the questions you might have losing weight using a green coffee bean extract supplement. After all it is the best option when we are talking all-natural weight loss supplements.

Finally don’t forget you check out our Green Coffee Plus and Green Coffee Max reviews, both very powerful weight loss supplements.




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