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Emulin GC7X – Chloraxis Green Coffee Bean Extract

GC7X Green Coffee Bean Extract with Emulin Risk Free TrialGC7X Green Coffee Bean Extract special 800 mg formula is a weight loss supplement that comes with Emulin, a new revolutionary compound that will help you to get rid of the fattening effects of carbohydrates in 7 different metabolic pathways and not only in 2 or 3 metabolic pathways like any other weight loss supplement available on the market.

One of the greatest benefits using a green coffee bean extract supplement like GC7X is that you will be able to lose weight without undergoing a strict calorie deficit diet or for that matter spending countless hours in the gym.

Before we get started to explain what GC7X with Emulin, Chlorax and CGA is is all about we want to let you know that there is a risk free trial available for visitors coming from the United States or Canada. To claim your trial simply just click on the link below.

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If you want to learn more then please do read on because now we are going to explain how GC7X green coffee bean extract with Emulin can make you lose weight.

What Exactly Is GC7X Green Coffee Bean Extract

GC7X green coffee bean extract is the only weight loss supplement available that is able to target all the 7 metabolic pathways that are associated with the metabolism of carbohydrates.

Most other products available are only available to target a few of these 7 pathways, which is really not enough if you want to become successful with your diet and finally shape your body the way you want it.

Years of research, studies and tests have finally for the first time created a weight loss product able to target all 7 metabolic pathway and that is GC7X green coffee bean extract.

Below you can see exactly what these 7 pathways are:

  1. Starch to sugar conversion
  2. Glucose absorption
  3. Glucose tissue uptake
  4. Fat formation
  5. Glucose homeostasis
  6. Insulin release
  7. Insulin sensitivity

Most weight loss supplements available on the market are typically made to take care of preventing and destroying fat formation and play a positive role in the body’s insulin sensitivity, and perhaps maximum one more of the pathways from the above list.

On the chart below you can see how less effective some top of the line weight loss products are, when compared to GC7X green coffee bean extract.

GC7X 7 Metabolic Pathways Comparison Chart One of the ingredients found in GC7x that makes this possible is Emulin which we are going to take a closer look at now.

What Exactly is Emulin

Emulin contains of chlorogenic acid, myricetin and quercetin and is a new revolutionary compound that is able to lower the glycemic impact of foods, which will help to limit the fattening effects of carbohydrates, so they will not get converted and stored as body fat when they are released into the blood stream.

An example of this is if you eat a good solid cheeseburger and take GC7X green coffee bean extract containing Emulin at the same time, 30% of the carbohydrates will be left out and flushed out thru your digestive system.

This means you will be eating 30% less carbohydrates and 30% less calories coming from carbohydrates, without you feeling any hunger or having the need to eat more.

When this 30% percentage rule is applied to all your meal as long as you take GC7X 3 times daily around 30 minutes before each of your main meals, it will really make a difference.

GC7X Green Coffee Bean Extract Bottles

GC7X Comes with a Chloraxis 50% Chlorogenic Acid Solution

In order for a green coffee bean extract supplement to actually make you lose weight, the levels of Chlorogenic Acid need to be at least 40%. GC7X green coffee comes with unique solution, a proprietary blend containing 50% which is more than enough to get started losing some weight.

This proprietary blend is a unique combination of the patented Chloraxis™, Myraxis™ Bayberry Bark Extract and Sophora Japonica Flower Extract.

Chloraxis™Chloraxis™- Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic acid will make you lose weight in a couple of different ways, first it will balance out blood sugar by stopping the release of glucose into your bloodstream. Next will make your liver burn of more fats and carbohydrates which will increase your metabolism so more calories will be burned. These two factors combined together will increase your body’s overall output when it comes to burning calories and preventing the build up of body fat.

 Quercetin - Sophora Japonica Flower ExtractQuercetin – Sophora Japonica Flower Extract

Levels of quercetin will help to stop the build up and accumulation of fat inside human cells that are aging and that way prevent new human cells from starting apoptosis (cell suicide). Quercetin also plays an important role when we want to block the intake of glucose coming from the blood that would be transformed into body fat and stored on stomach, hips, thighs and buttock.

 Myraxis™ – Bayberry Bark ExtractMyraxis™ Bayberry Bark Extract

Myricetin slows down the transportation of sugars and fat tissue and works very well together with quercetin when it comes to the reduction of fat development. Myricetin is also a potent anti oxidant and carries anti inflammatory properties that will reduce toxins and free radicals in your body that normally would destroy healthy tissue, weaken your immune system and slow down your body’s fat burning abilities.

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What Others are Saying About GC7X Green Coffee Bean Extract with Emulin

“I started taking GC7X about 6 weeks ago and have seen a noticeable difference in energy level. My glucose levels are about 20 points below what they were and I’ve lost about 6 lbs. without changing my diet. If this trend continues, I may talk to my doctor about cutting back on my medication.”

Gary G. – CT (from company website)

“So far I like what’s happened. I’m only taking one capsule a day; at dinner. My numbers have dropped; ranging from low 80’s to a high of 124. Previous numbers were 130-150 in the morning; evening numbers were lower approx. 2 hrs. after dinner.”

Dr. Jim G. – Virginia (from company website)

“After using GC7X for 12 and a half weeks (one Surge per day for 11 weeks), I’m down 30 pounds (334 to 304). My 30 day average morning blood stick is down 71 points (187 to 116, with the last 4 days averaging 100!). A1c has improved (8.1 on 3/4/11 to 6.4 on 6/9/11) – will continue to decrease on next quarter’s report. I am using GC7X along with The Amen Solution by Daniel Amen, MD. To say that I am thrilled is an understatement: I FEEL GREAT!” Many Thanks.

Tom C. – Florida (from company website)

Risk Free Trial Available of GC7X Green Coffee Bean Formula

For a limited period of time visitors coming from the United States or Canada can get a free trial of GC7X green coffee bean extract with Emulin.

This is a unique opportunity for you to try it out and feel all these benefits on your own body and with your own weight loss.

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